Welcome to the LAQM Support Website

The Local Air Quality Management (LAQM) Support Website is provided by Defra and the Devolved Administrations. It contains a variety of support functions for local authorities and practitioners of LAQM.

Specifically, it is designed to support local authorities in carrying out their duties under the Environment Act 1995, the Environment (Northern Ireland) Order 2002, and subsequent regulations.


Diffusion Tube Data Processing Tool

This diffusion tube data processing tool has been developed to assist local authorities in processing their NO2 diffusion tube monitoring data. It allows annual mean NO2 concentration results to be calculated from NO2 diffusion tube raw monthly data including bias factor adjustment, annualisation and distance correction calculations.

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England (exc. London) Policy Guidance

This guidance relates to local authorities in England only, excluding those in London who are provided guidance separately by the Mayor of London. This guidance is statutory and all relevant Local Authorities (both district and county level) should have regard to it.

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Good Practice Examples: AQAPs

Examples of adopted Air Quality Action Plans which show a range of approaches taken by local authorities in the development of Action Plans. These examples of Best Practice are made on the basis of the overall approach taken by the authority, or the endorsement of specific elements of the Plan, which may prove useful to other authorities embarking on the AQAP process.

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National Bias Adjustment Factors

A database, in the form of an Excel spreadsheet, of bias adjustment factors determined from local authority co-location studies throughout the UK has been collated by the Local Air Quality Management Helpdesk.

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Good Practice Examples: Annual Reports

Examples of Annual Review and Assessment Reports (ASRs, L-ASRs, APRs and PRs) which demonstrate a range of good practice approaches taken by local authorities. A range of local authority areas are covered all varying in size, extent of monitoring network, and range of emission sources present.

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The LAQM Process

The LAQM process places an obligation on all local authorities to regularly review and assess air quality in their areas, and to determine whether or not the air quality objectives are likely to be achieved.

Local authorities and LAQM practitioners can use this site to:

  • Access templates, good practice and technical/policy guidance for LAQM reporting.
  • View and download tools to assist with the assessment of air quality.
  • View information related to Air Quality Management Areas (AQMA).
  • Access the LAQM Portal.


The Devolved Administrations and Greater London Authority also host supplementary air quality information on separate pages:


Further air quality information can also be found on the UK-AIR website. In addition, the Air Quality Hub is a free, online knowledge sharing resource for those working in the field of local air quality management.

For help or problems with these pages please contact the LAQM Helpdesk.

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